Amarillo Area Rotary Baseball League is a non- profit volunteer organization run by a driven group of knowledgeable baseball minded members of the community.

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Monday, May 28

Tournaments are for ALL  5-6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-13 teams.  Weather permitting, the pool play games will be played on Saturday and Sunday, June 2 and June 3.  Then, weather permitting, the 2 pool winners in each league will play for the championship on Tuesday night, June 5.  As posted since January, the tournaments will not end any later than June 17 if we have to move forward for weather. 

Starting today, seedings will be determined, then the pools will be created.  After those, the game schedules will be finalized and posted online.  HEAD COACHES:  WE WANT ALL TEAMS TO PLAY IN THE TOURNAMENTS; HOWEVER, IF YOU CANNOT, PLEASE ADVISE ME IMMEDIATELY TODAY BEFORE I PROCEED IF YOU CANNOT FIELD A TEAM (9-10 Yankees have so advised).  If I schedule you and then you drop out, ALL SEEDINGS, POOLS, GAME SCHEDULES, AND UMPIRE SCHEDULES HAVE TO BE REVISED AND REDONE; SO PLEASE ADVISE ME IMMEDIATELY TODAY BEFORE I PROCEED IF YOU CANNOT PLAY.  THANKS.


Lanny, League Administrator